How can I contribute to regenerating communities and transform the system I live in?

How can I become a participatory leader
using the Art of Hosting approach?

You will learn how to host conversations that matter and engage in a participative and co-creative process to:

“Basically, you will learn how you can use practical methods and tools to co-create more vibrant communities.”

What to expect

This workshop will be using the Art of Hosting practicum which introduces a way of working together that invites open communication, shared governance, social responsibility, growth and change.

The Art of Hosting is a proven practice of utilizing participatory processes – such as Circle, World Cafe, Open Space, Theory U and Appreciative Inquiry – in a way that engages and activates the passion, wisdom and possibility in groups of people.



Swaraj University, Tapovan Ashram, Nayakheda Gaon

2.5 kms off Kundal chowk, from Amargarh Resort, Udaipur-Ahmedabad highway

Rajasthan, India


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How To Register

What will happen?

The Art of Hosting Conversations that really Matter and Participatory Leadership is an intensive 3-day learning experience where you will practice a set of simple yet powerful approaches for designing and hosting (facilitating) powerful conversations, engagement processes and meetings. It is an effective way of harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups. We believe that people give their energy and lend their resources to what matters most to them – in work as in life. These practices invite people to step in and respond to the challenges facing them in creative, authentic, innovative and effective ways.

We are awakening to different ways of being in leadership together. Rooted in the Four Fold practice of the Art of Hosting, this event teaches a participatory approach for leading, convening, and engaging groups. We work with collaborative methods including World Café, Open Space Technology, ProAction Café, Circle Practice, collective storytelling, designing for wiser action and more.

You will walk away with the tools, frameworks and worldviews that will enable you to navigate complex challenges and opportunities in your work, community and personal life. We wonder: “What if learning together is the kind of leadership we need now?” Not that other forms are not important, but this is the one we need more of in most places.

Some of the benefits

Groups, organizations and communities using the Art of Hosting practices report better decision-making, more innovation, greater ability to quickly respond to opportunity, challenge and change and improved relationship quality. People who experience the Art of Hosting typically say that they walk away feeling more inspired and empowered and more able to help guide the meetings and conversations they are part of to move towards desirable outcomes.

Participants are local, regional and international. Sharing a desire to stretch their own learning edge and connect with others in the field.  We bring together community, government, and business leaders, social entrepreneurs, next generation leaders together from many dedicated networks and efforts – building our individual and shared capacity in our communities and organizations to address the challenges of these times.

Who should attend

Are you are tired of boring meetings and the same old debates? Are you hungry for a better way to host collaborative conversations that lead to deeper engagement and wise action? Are you ready to learn new ways to step in, step up and practice hosting the possibility that lives in collective wisdom? Are you looking for proven ways to fuel your courage to host change at work, at home, in your community – anywhere that matters to you?

This workshop is for:

  • Community and nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, business leaders, department heads and program managers, community organizers, activists, next generation leaders and individuals who want to help.
  • People who believe in the power of collective intelligence and creativity, and collaboration to improve their communities, teams, and organizations.
  • Individuals and groups who are eager to build stronger teams and partnerships with each other and within their communities.
  • People who are dedicated to creating healthy and resilient organizations and communities.

Will I be an expert host coming out of this training?

We call hosting an “art”, so you probably can’t master it in 3 days. We’ll all come out of this shared experience as inspired and connected practitioners at many different levels of experience and skill. There is no certification process. We aim to launch people as practitioners who see their life and work a little differently and want to help each other evolve and begin mastering your skills. You’ll share in the opportunity to get your hands on methods and to host parts of the workshop yourself, with support from the core team. We bring real life work and problems into our practices. There is no role playing  – everything we do is real.

The Hosting Team

Manish Jain

Manish Jain is a co-founder of Shikshantar Andolan, Swaraj University, Creativity Adda and the Learning Societies Unconference. He has been using Art of Hosting in many creative ways in India for the past decade. He is passionate about gift culture experiments, organic farming, slow food cooking, filmmaking and cooperative games.

Marc Levitte

Marc uses participatory and collaborative leadership methods. He invites people, in many different contexts, to have conversations about what really matters for them. He likes to create an open and comfortable space to foster expressions of individual and collective passion. This leads to the choosing of wiser actions that will create the necessary shift.

Marc has been designing and hosting seminars and workshops based on his practice and experience on the 5 continents for over 25 years. He also operates with humanitarian and community projects, including in post-conflict situations.

Dr Beena Chintalapuri

Dr Beena Chintalalpuri started her career three decades ago in Osmania University (OU), Hyderabad. She rose to the various leadership positions throughout her career. She was a Professor of Psychology, Head and Chairperson of the Department of Psychology, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Satavahana University, Karimnagar, Director of Indian Council of Social Sciences Research (ICSSR), Southern Regional Center and Registrar, Osmania University.

Training has been one of Beena’s core competencies, and she has had opportunities to lead two training centers; Academic Staff Training Center and Counselor’s Training Center “Saksham”. In 2008, the Government of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh has conferred on her the Best Teacher Award for excellence in teaching and educational administration. Beena is currently involved in planning and conducting counseling training programs for SICA (State Institute of Correctional Administration) and prisons of Telangana state.

Tanuja Vashista

I am an entrepreneur, human resource consultant and an educator with passion to inspire and empower people to live life with a purpose and vision. In my professional journey of more than 19 years, I have designed and facilitated programs for many leading organisations as well as start-ups; helping them enhance their lives by greatly improving the way they speak, think and manage their strengths in personal-professional lives and businesses.

Tamer Salameh

My personal experience has been that sitting in circle brings out the best in people and helps us all step up to our authentic self. At the heart of who I am is an ongoing commitment to see inclusive and welcoming communities that reduce the vulnerability of people who can be dependent on systems. I believe that this is ultimately achieved by recognising and honoring the expertise that each individual holds about themselves and their future dreams.

I am a new Art of Hosting apprentice practitioner where I am continually drawn to and amazed at the power of Circle. As a 25 year resident of India I am delighted that a community of Art of Hosting practitioners is starting to grow here. Our natural environment and diverse people deserve the cutting edge of participatory practice to help shape the future.

Heenal Rajani

Heenal is a social entrepreneur, activist and Art of Hosting practitioner with a background in politics, union organising and development.

Heenal believes that deep wisdom lies in us all, and what’s been missing is the “operating system” to harness our collective intelligence. Art of Hosting gives us the tools and the community to step up into the fullest expression of ourselves as conscious co-creators.

Heenal always sees the silver lining in every cloud. A proud CircleWalla, he believes that many of life’s issues would evaporate if we would all just speak with intention and listen with attention.

On-Site Organising Team

Friday December 2 to Sunday December 4, 2016

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How To Register

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