How may practicing my “Warriorship” and “Midwifeship” of the heart be of service to my life, my community and our Earth?

Around us we see and feel increasing uncertainty, rapid change and potential disintegration of many aspects of the world as we know it.

It’s time to gather ourselves, slow down, and create a space to explore together practices that help bring about clarity and centeredness, and a deeper connectedness with each other and our Earth.

In an ancient place of retreat and healing we will sharpen our skills, reflect and draw strength from being with other leaders and practitioners working with chaos & order, unity & diversity.

This is a time and space for “me” & “we” to be fortified and inspired. You are warmly invited to join our growing community of heart warriors practicing together in service to peaceful and vibrant coexistence!

The first Warrior of the Heart Dojo to take place in India

Led by Toke Moeller, co-founder of the Art of Hosting, the Flow Game and the Warrior of the Heart Dojo

What We Will Do in the Dojo

  • Bring together the principles and practices of Aikido basics as a stimulus for conversation and reflection, and apply the Flow Game to seed wise action
  • Assist to explore ways of engaging and aligning personal passion and purpose with the work we want and need to be doing in the world
  • Offer an opportunity to focus on improving our sense of well-being in good company and with informed guidance

Step Into True Warriorship

A Warrior of the Heart is someone who courageously steps up in skillful service to what is needed now, while actively perfecting powerful and wise actions in their community and in the world.

We invite each other to step up to our next phase of who we are: to say No to the destructive things we find happening in the world, and to say Yes to wisely stepping forward into our inherent power to help.

Dojo: The Place of Practice

A dojo is a place for training in techniques of an art. In its advanced form it is a place to train in transforming those techniques into the masterful application of power. At its best it is a meeting ground for the practice and embodiment of transformational arts. By its very nature, it is always respectful of place, people, and tradition.

Skillful Actions and Wise Decisions

The Warrior of the Heart Dojo is a practice ground for the training, embodiment, and skillful use of the powerful and transformational art of Fearless and Wise Leadership.

Our invitation to you is to join us in stepping forward into the next phase of who you are, to say yes to compassionate warriorship, and to saying no to whatever is destructive in ourselves and in the world. This is the kind of compassionate warriorship that enables us to achieve a purposeful life at work and in our homes, with our colleagues and perhaps even with those who seem to oppose us.

What We Learn in the Dojo

We use Experiential Learning, Aikido and Art of Hosting methods as our organizing principles, learning and practising:

  • Living centered in decisive and compassionate action.
  • Wielding my “sword” with kindness.
  • Finding true ground while in action.
  • Forming and maintaining self organized community.
  • Training in the company of friends and “mates”.
  • Restoring “Circle” as a natural means.
  • The art of gifting as an act of power.
  • Enhancing life with skillful actions.

Warrior of the Heart Dojo Practice

Venue & Registration Info

The Dojo will take place on the beach and in a shala in Mandrem, Goa. Please note that this is a residential training, and the cost includes two nights accommodation (Friday and Saturday), as well as all meals for the duration of the dojo.

We are operating a “shared economy” model to allow anybody who feels called to participate in the dojo to do so, regardless of their financial means. We simply ask each participant to “give what you can afford, plus a little more”. We trust that this will allow the budget to break even overall.

To register your interest, click the button below. This will reserve your place in the dojo, and we will contact you to finalise your registration.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

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