Do you feel that the current development of Goa is losing sight of what REALLY matters and what is TRULY valuable?

Would you like to help your village or community explore a different way of doing local development that is people-led?

Do you hunger for a different kind of dialogue? One that really moves beyond just talk, and turns ideas into ACTIONS?

Do you wonder if a good future can be built by first valuing the skills and resources that your community ALREADY has?

Do you yearn for new skills to support you as a leader in Goa?


Facilitators Training
7th and 8th January, 2017
9:30am to 6:00pm

LOCATION: Goa Design Center, Porvorim

Located in Defence Colony, close to the highway. See the location on Google Maps, or call us for directions.

COST: By Donation

We don’t want anyone to miss out on this training for financial reasons. Please come, and pay what you feel comfortable with at the end of the weekend. Snacks and lunch will be provided.

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Another future for Goa

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) using Participatory Leadership is a way of self-organising that helps communities to understand, value and mobilize their people and assets to bring about a future that they want to be part of.

Our intention is to offer hope and an alternative option to villages that are threatened by destructive development such as large scale tourism projects, mining and other forms of enforced “progress” that people have not consented to.

What if there could be another way?

What if we don’t have to destroy Green Goa to have a flourishing future?

Videos about Asset Based Community Development

What is this training?

Who is this training for?

About the trainers

The Jeder Institute from Australia specialise in ABCD and Participatory Leadership (the art of hosting conversations that matter) as forms of community building. Dee Brooks and Michelle Dunscombe have worked with communities in Indonesia and Australia, and are hosting a masterclass at the international ABCD conference in Goa ( as well supporting the conference organisation.

What will you learn?

Does this sound like what you are looking for?


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